Technology and Security

At Colt, providing connectivity is at our core. It’s what we do. And our Technology and Security teams are where all the magic happens to bring this capability to our customers. We build, manage and protect the technology that keeps Colt running.

About us

Working in Technology and Security, you’d be joining a team with the best industry expertise and knowledge. We cover a wide range of areas; from setting our security strategy to driving process transformation.

What do we do?

We create innovative products and secure our networks to help our customers thrive.

Our structure


Our team of IT specialists are responsible for all of our system’s needs. Their focus is to make our systems as simple and intuitive as possible for our people to use, and our customers to do business with us.


As part of our Security team, you’ll be helping to safeguard both our employees and customers. We cover a wide remit including business continuity, physical security, lawful intercept and fraud.

Process and Project Transformation

The team works in partnership with the business to optimise and re-engineer our processes to make sure we’re doing things in the most simple and effective way. They also manage customer intelligence which looks our customer segmentation and reporting on our customer experience metrics.